I am a Programmer

I like programming

My main programming language is C/C++. I also used Java or ASP.NEt to write some database programs like information systems. I also know other programing languages such as Python, Matlab, Web Languages(Javascript, HTNL, CSS), etc.

I did Programming using Geometry Modeling Tool ACIS to develop a feature identifier based 3d Modeling system for my Phd Degree. During my Phd study, I also researched and implemnted some key algorithms for NURBS surface modeling system which is the best surface modeling system in 1997,China.

I develped a Glass cutting system from 2002 to 2004 with a graduate student Zhiguo, Chen as a helper. I did research in Computer Graphics and implemented different algorithms in C++ such as surface reconstruction, surface segmentation,3d facial modeling, 3d non rigid registration, etc.

I also tried other programming languages such as python, Matlab,etc. For example, I wrote some 2d games in Java in a week during the summer, 2014.

I think programming is simple and interesting.

Written on June 10, 2014