A few little 2d games I wrote in my spare time

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I am tired of reading papers. In 2014 summer,I suddenly want to write little games running on Android. So I learned how to programm on Android first day and wrote a few little 2d games in the next week. Here are the three games which can be run on PC,Android.(I didn’t provide the downloads for iphone and ipad). For web version, I recommand you to open them with chrome or firefox.

  • Flappy Bird: Flappy Bird.(Android version flappyBird.apk),.

  • tiberman: tiberman. (Android Versiontiberman.apk). The picture (I cutted them from internet images) is ugly.

  • Invader: myInvader. (Android Version myInvader.apk). A shoot game,You can use mouse or hit the rectangles corresonding to different keys (Space ,UP , left and right arrows).

Written on June 28, 2014